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19 January, 2010

The President of NWFP Civil Secretariat Private Secretaries


The President of NWFP Civil Secretariat Private Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Stenographer’s Association Muhammad Iqbal urge the Chief Secretary NWFP for consideration of demands of the Stenographers of NWFP Civil Secretariat and stated that NWFP Non Gazeetted Employees Association (NGEA) had made a demand for conversion of 30% posts of Assistants into Superintendents and Junior Clerks into Senior Clerk. In the mean while Stenographers’ association also made a request that in case the demand of NGEA is honoured then equal number of posts of Stenographers may be upgraded to Private Secretaries. Besides this we also requested for separation of 20% share in promotion to the posts of BPS-17 at the ratio of 50,50 (1X1) for both the cadres, but all in vain. Because if the main issue / the real bone of contention i.e. ratio is once decided, it will settled and resolve all the problems and will bring peace and harmony in the services delivery of both the cadres of the Secretariat.

He further stated that the prospect of the Stenographers’ cadres is already bleak/scant. Pace of promotion if both the cadres is judge then it will transpire that if a Class-IV and Stenographer join Secretariat on one date the Class-IV will get promotion up to Assistant whereas Stenographer will static in the scale. Another set back given to Stenographers’ cadre is that the number of sanctioned strength of Provincial Ministers, Advisors and Special Assistants are 26 and 3 respectively and that too in BPS-17 instead of BPS-16. These posts are required to be shown in BPS-16 instead of BPS-17.

He informed that recently Government upgraded the posts of Junior Clerks, Senior Clerks and Assistants and also granted one pre-mature increment in their favour. Astonishing to say they again come up with another demand of 30% up gradation from top to bottom, which is neither feasible nor justifiable. It is fear that on next day Attached Departments may come up with the same demand on the same analogy. The NGEA demand involves huge financial implications and will bring unnecessary burden on Provincial Exchequer. In spite the fact a creation of single post of superintendent is the total destruction of whole stenographers’ community in the joint seniority list of Private Secretaries and Superintendent for promotion to the rank of Section Officer (B-17). Further more, it may also be noted that in the past on the demand of NGEA for creation of Superintendents posts, the then Secretary Finance (Mr.Younis Khan) probably in 1992, made observations that “Superintendents being dying cadre due to introduction of Section Officer Scheme there is no room for creation of such posts”.

All the officers appreciate that the job of Junior Clerks and Superintendents is the same, while the job of Private Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Stenographer is so arduous and laborious, because dawn to dusk, post to pillar, by hook and crooks, they provide every possible help and assistance to high ups, but no body is bother to heel the head of this plight of community. In the recent past according to retrenchment policy, it was felt that there is no need of superintendent posts hence all they were declared surplus but unconstitutionally, unlawfully, illegally with malafide intention they were adjusted and promoted in the same/earlier position instead of bottom in seniority list, there is also injustice with out community.

He also mention that at the time of PPP regime in Administrative Reform Package 20 posts of Private Secretaries, 10 posts of Personal Assistants was approved by Government but up till now no single posts is created this another injustice with us for example the recent creation in the newly established Mineral Department is sufficient to justify the loyalties of the high ups with Clerks and Class-IV communities. Beside this irrelevant/unnecessary posts of Assistants are created in Civil Secretariat in excess, which is extraordinary burden on Provincial Exchequer. Due to financial crunch and economy measure, it is the time demand that such posts of Assistants be abolished in the public interest.

Now it has come to the knowledge of Stenographers’ Association that Government considered the irrational demand of NGEA. For sure creation of 70 posts of Superintendents (dying cadre) is a clear favour with clerks’ community and a complete ignorance of prestigious and dignified Private Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Stenographers’ community. This back lash, discrimination, deprivation not only blocks our promotion but would disturb the smooth and effective dispensation of Government official business. Therefore, Government is required to avoid such like disputed issues and may settle ratio first among both the cadres, he added.

He, therefore, requested the honourable Chief Secretary, NWFP to look into the matter personally and according to natural law and justice equal treatment may be made with both the cadres. If creation or conversion is made for clerical community then in the same ratio creation and conversion may also be made for Stenographers, cadre. Excessive creation in the clerical cadre is clear threat for career of Stenographers’ community. Such trend need to be stopped as our Government has meager financial resources otherwise being stake holder we reserve the right to protect the legitimate interest of Stenographers community at any cost.

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